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Hi there, I'm Philip Hesslup Web Designer/Front End Developer

Thank you for coming all the way out here to visit. This is my home on the web where I train to perfect my Jutsu. Jutsu is Japanese for art, technique or skill. Philjutsu is my own style that I apply to my profession in Web Design and Front-end development. Always training to get to the next level, I have built myself a solid foundation in the techniques and languages I use so that I can adapt and apply them as needed. Be water my friend.

My objective with every project is to give people a positive visual and interactive experience while completing the project’s objectives.

I design flexible, custom website layouts and hand code them with progressive techniques to ensure they survive the tests of time and browsers. The fun part is making them interactive and usable. My content management system of choice is Wordpress to put all my techniques into.

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Posted: Aug 25

Crazy year so far, still winter here on the island, but after a long kinda warm winter the ice will ...

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